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Wool Felt Balls

Wool Felt Balls are manufactured from 100% wool directly imported fromNew Zealand with no harmful chemicals.They are available in different size ranges from 2 cm to 8 cm.You can get in various color, around 85 colors from our color chart.The product is used for decorative purpose.

Woolen Swirl Felt Balls/Woolen Felt Polka Dot Balls

Woolen Felt Swirl Balls and Polka Dot Balls are the decorative items, manufactured from 100% wool directly imported from New Zealand.You can find it in different size such as;2 cm, 2.2cm, 2.5 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm etc.The main usage of this ball is for decorative purpose.

Wool Felt Dryer Balls

Woolen Felt Dryer Balls are manufactured from 100% wool directly imported from New Zealand.You can get it in different size which includes 4 cm to 8 cm.Wool Felt Dryer Ball is available in white color.The main purpose of these balls is to dry clothes faster and it also softens your clothes,

Woolen Felt Ball Rugs/ Felt Ball Mats/ Felt Ball Carpets

Handmade Woolen Felt Product is manufactured by 100% wool directly imported from New Zealand.It is manufactured through knitting process.You can find it in different sizes range from 40 cm to 300 cm and different shape; round and rectangular.We also do custom design.The main purpose of this product is sitting and placing on the floor.

Woolen Felt Ball Trivets

Woolen Felt Ball Trivets are manufactured using 100% wool imported from New Zealand.You can find it in different color, shape, and size.The common shape is round and rectangle and size is 20 cm and 20 cm x 20 cm.The purpose of felt ball trivet is placing, decorating etc.

Woolen Felt Cushions

Woolen Felt Cushion, handmade in Nepal, is an exclusive product of Subha Sagun.It is manufactured by pressing method using 100%wool imported from New Zealand.It is available in different shape, size, and color.The common shape and size are round, rectangle. bear. star etc and 30 cm to 60 cm respectively.The main purpose of a felt cushion is placing.

Woolen Felt Animal Puppets

Woolen Felt Puppets are the handmade product made up of 100% Marino wool.You can find it in various designs.We also do custom design.You can also have an 85+ color option.This product is mainly manufactured for children.Finger puppets are also available.

Woolen Felt Ball Baskets/Felt Ball Bread Basket

Woolen Felt Basket is a handmade product using 100% wool imported from New Zealand.It is also called Felt Ball Bread Basket.They are available in different sizes and shapes. The most common shapes of the felt basket are cylindrical and round and the sizes and colors vary according to the customers choice.Customers can make their color choice from our color chart where 85 different colors are available.These Felt Basket are used for a various purpose such as placing bread and other materials and also for decoration.

Wool Felt Sheets

Wool Felt Sheets are one of the major items among other woolen felt products of Subha Sagun.It is manufactured from 100% Marino wool.You can get it in various size shape and color.You have an 85+ color option from our color chart.It is chemical less so it would not harm children or any pets.

Woolen Felt Shoes

Woolen Felt Shoes are a handmade product for every age.It is manufactured from 100% wool imported from New Zealand.You can get these shoes in different colors, designs and size.We also do custom design.These are also the winter shoes.We can wear it indoor and outdoor.

Woolen Felt Bags

Woolen Felt Bag, handmade product, for kids, is made up of 100% wool directly imported from New Zealand.The main purpose of the product is carrying during an outing.These fashionable bags are so attractive.You can find it in different designs, sizes, colors etc.

Woolen Felt Cat Cave / Felt Cat House

Woolen Felt Cat Cave, opening at the top, is made by pressing method from 100% wool imported from New Zealand.You can find it in various color, shape and size.The main purpose of the product is a house for cats or other small animals such as; squirrel.The common sizes of cat cave are; 40 cm x 40 cm x 25cm 50 cm x 50 cm x 25 cm 60 cm x 60 cm x 28 cm

Woolen Felt Ball Garlands

Woolen Felt Ball Garlands also called Woolen felt Buntings is an exclusive handmade product of our company.It is manufactured by Nepalese women.The main purpose of felt garland is hanging on walls and indoor and outdoor decoration.They are available in different sizes such as 200 cm and 300 cm.The customers can make their choices for the colors from our color chart where 85 different colors are available.The Felt Garlands or Buntings may have different designs such as a ball-shaped, star-shaped, flower-shaped, alphabet-shaped, leaf-shaped, heart-shaped, etc.


Pashmina made up of cashmere wool contains 80% of cashmere and 20% of silk and sometimes 50% of cashmere and 50% of silk depending upon the content of silk and cashmere.Different products can be manufactured from Pashmina such as Shawl, Scarf, and Stole.It also can be used to wrap gifts and cover newborn babies.Pashmina also helps to spice up your appearance.You can get pashmina in varieties of colors. The common size of pashmina shawl is 36" x 80", stole is 28" x 60" and scarf is 12"x 60".

Woolen Felt Toys

Woolen Felt Toys are handmade products made in Nepal by Nepalese women.It is made up of 100% wool imported directly from Newzealand.Felt Toys are really attractive and famous among the kids all around the globe.These products may vary in shape, sizes, designs, and colors. The customer can demand the different designs and colors of felt toys.Our company manufactures varieties of felt toys as per the customer's request.These felt toys also can be used for decoration.They come in the lifespan of minimum 5 years.

Woolen Felt Seat Pads

Woolen Seat Pads are made from 100% wool material directly imported from Newzealand.Seat pads come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.30cm, 40cm and 60cm are the commonly available sizes of Woolen Seat Pads and the most common shapes of seat pads are round and rectangle.They are also available in various colors available in our color charts where 85 different colors are included or as per the customer's demand.The Woolen Seat Pads are used for sitting purpose.

Scuderia Ferrari Aero Touch

Aerodynamics and aesthetics blend seamlessly in this line of casually sophisticated Scuderia Ferrari timepieces. Designed to hit the racetrack in sleek, wind-deflecting style, Aerodinamico features an integrated, ventilated silicone strap molded to echo the design of the diffuser on the Scuderia Ferrari single-seater. Its masculine 46mm TR90 thermoplastic chassis reveals a distinctive stepped case design with curved rectangular contours..

Price : $300.00 $235.00

Pit Crew Watch

Capturing all the thrills of race day with its tire-design crown, Pit Crew adds new 3-hand bracelet models with bold links made of silicon-wrapped TR90, a high tech thermoplastic composite prized for its light weight and rich color. New designs feature graphic new stylized stripe straps suggested by an aerial view of the Abu-Dhabi Ferrari World theme park, or the Racing Shield logo on the strap upper half, mimicking the position of the shield on the sides of the racing cars.

Price : $200.00 $135.00
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